HUNTERSVILLE, NC – In a significant move, the Mecklenburg County Democratic Leadership has officially endorsed Edwin Quarles for a seat on the Huntersville Town Board of Commissioners. Amid a competitive field of 17 candidates vying for the six open board seats, this endorsement marks a key moment in Quarles’s campaign.

While the race for the Town Board is non-partisan, the backing from the Mecklenburg County Democratic Leadership highlights the strategic alignment between Quarles’s vision for Huntersville and the broader aspirations of the Democratic party. Recognizing the importance of local governance as a steppingstone to higher offices, the endorsement is a testament to Quarles’s potential and capability as a dedicated public servant.

Expressing gratitude, Quarles stated, “This endorsement from the Mecklenburg County Democratic Leadership reinforces our shared commitment to a brighter and more inclusive Huntersville. I am deeply honored and even more driven to uphold the trust placed in me.”

As the election draws nearer, Edwin Quarles continues to focus on transparent, effective, and community-focused leadership. He eagerly invites Huntersville residents to share in this journey, emphasizing collective growth, unity, and progress.

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