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Why Am I Running For Huntersville Board of Commissioners?

I believe it’s my job to represent every citizen. Together we can build a bridge of understanding and forge a shared vision for our town’s future. I am dedicated to fostering an inclusive space where all perspectives are valued, working hand in hand to create positive change as we continue to grow. Your voice will be heard and respected.

Amplifying Your Voice – Shaping Huntersville’s Tomorrow

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Gulf War and Desert Storm Veteran

Edwin is a veteran of the Air Force. His unwavering dedication and service to our country have left an indelible mark, showcasing his commitment, sacrifice, and bravery. Edwin’s contributions as a veteran, serving in the Gulf and Desert Storm Wars have earned our utmost respect and gratitude. Edwin was recognized for his service by earning the Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year Award

Corporate Experience

Edwin’s leadership roles at Coca-Cola and First Union were marked by success. At Coca-Cola, his innovative approach and strategic vision drove growth and fostered an inclusive work culture. At First Union, Edwin’s veteran background brought valuable insights, leading to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. His dedication to service and strong leadership skills made him an invaluable asset in both corporate settings.


Edwin is a three-time startup entrepreneur, who experienced both failure and success. These experiences shaped him into an exceptional leader, bringing knowledge, perseverance, and innovation to his role. He learned to navigate challenges, adapt, and remain resilient. Edwin’s triumph in two of his three business ventures solidified his expertise, problem-solving skills, and proactive approach. His journey showcases tenacity, adaptability, and dedication, making him an inspiring leader.

Community Servant

Edwin is a dedicated individual with a profound commitment to community service. Throughout his journey, he has selflessly invested time and effort into making a positive impact on the lives of those around him. Edwin’s passion for service, combined with his leadership skills and compassionate nature, has led to transformative initiatives that uplift and empower the community.

With an impressive and diverse portfolio of community service, Edwin stands as a true role model, exemplifying the transformative power of selfless dedication to others. Get ready to be inspired by Edwin’s unwavering dedication to creating a better world for all.

Edwin’s Agenda

Smart Growth

“I am dedicated to smart growth, preserving Huntersville’s unique character and quality of life. With collaborative planning, we’ll address infrastructure, boost economic vitality, and safeguard our environment. Let’s shape a future that balances progress with preservation, making Huntersville a vibrant, inclusive, and desirable place to call home.”


Transparent & Responsive Governance:

“My foremost pledge is to uphold the values of transparent and responsive government in Huntersville. I firmly believe that open communication and accountability are the cornerstones of effective leadership. I will actively engage with the community, listening to your concerns, ideas, and aspirations. Together, we will work hand-in-hand, making decisions collaboratively, ensuring your voices are heard and respected. I am committed to providing clear and accessible information about our town’s affairs, finances, and decisions. With a focus on transparency and responsiveness, I aim to build trust and foster a stronger, united community that thrives on active citizen participation and shared governance.”



“As your advocate, I am driven by a steadfast commitment to hold not only our Huntersville Commissioners, Mayor and town staff accountable but also county officials, neighboring towns, and state representatives. Your tax dollars should be spent wisely and in consideration of local, regional and statewide impact. Our community’s growth and prosperity rely on transparent governance and effective collaboration. I will tirelessly work to ensure that all levels of government uphold their responsibilities and commitments to our residents. By fostering open dialogue, promoting accountability, and building strong partnerships, we will create a unified force that demands responsible decision-making and equitable outcomes for our entire region. Together, we will empower our voices for a brighter future for Huntersville and surrounding communities.”

Edwin is a dedicated candidate vying for a seat on the Huntersville, NC Board of Commissioners. With deep-rooted connections to the town for 93 years, Edwin, along with his wife Sherry, a Huntersville native, and two of their four children, proudly call Huntersville home.

Edwin brings a wealth of experience to the table, starting with a distinguished military service background that embodies discipline and dedication. His leadership tenure at Coca-Cola and First Union showcases his adeptness in managing complex organizations. Having also ventured into small business ownership, Edwin intimately understands the challenges entrepreneurs face.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Edwin’s history of active community volunteering reflects his genuine passion for giving back. Drawing from this diverse skill set, Edwin aims to leverage his leadership acumen, business acuity, and community-driven mindset to foster smart growth, transparency, and governmental accountability to all citizens, through collaborative efforts. Edwin’s vision is to make Huntersville an even safer, more livable, and affordable place to call home. With Edwin as your representative, the future of Huntersville shines bright.

Want to Know More About Edwin and How He Plans to Amplify Your Voice?

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